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One thing is for sure, TV evening news and all kinds of media of different types and sizes will compete to report the same thing! Chapter 359-the taste of happiness. Hupao Spring is known as the third spring in the world! The paradise on earth is famous for the West Lake. Longjing and Hupao are also called the two wonders of the West Lake! Enjoy the beautiful scenery of West Lake, watch the tide of Qianjiang River, taste Longjing tea and drink Hupao Spring! This is every visitor to the paradise on earth must experience and taste, indispensable, otherwise it is equal to not having been to the paradise on earth! After leaving the West Lake, Youyou and others crossed mountains and mountains, along the Longjing tea ceremony, and first came to Longjing Village. The so-called Longjing Village, as its name implies, is both a well and a place name. The well is just another name for the spring water. Although the Longjing spring water is not as good as the Hupao spring, it also belongs to the first-class spring water! However, Longjing Village is famous all over the world, not because of water, but because of the name of tea farm! Tea produced in Longjing Village is praised as the best by the world, and even has such a reputation: "The beauty of tea is Longjing!" It is also called "green in color", "beautiful in shape", "fragrant" and "mellow in taste" by the world! Most people only know about West Lake Longjing tea, but they don't know that West Lake Longjing tea used to be divided into four categories, named after Lion, Tiger, Dragon and Cloud. The four different varieties of tea are produced in Lion Peak,White Marble Mosaic, Hupao Mountain, Longjing and Wuyunshan Qiq Qīsuu.om books near the West Lake. Among them, the best quality should be Lion Peak Longjing, followed by Longjing! In the Ming Dynasty, there was a severe drought in the West Lake. When people were digging a well to look for spring water, they dug out a large stone in the shape of a dragon from the bottom of the well. As a result, the Longjing well became a different peak. From then on, people only knew Longjing,Marble Granite Price, but did not know Lion Peak, Tiger Running and Wuyun Mountain! But today, Longjing has been given a new answer! From the mouth of Long Wuhua and Chen Yongfeng, they learned that the dragon-shaped stone dug out from the bottom of the Longjing well had a close relationship with the dragon clan. To their surprise, no one would guess. That dragon-shaped stone is actually a tombstone of the dragon clan! The Dragon Clan likes water, and based on this preference, the people of the Dragon Clan will choose to be buried in a place with abundant water after passing away! Because the whole body of the dragon clan is a treasure, after being buried underground, all kinds of elements in the body of the dragon clan naturally disperse and melt in the soil and water, gradually, for a long time. Has created the high quality Hupao spring water and the unique Longjing tea! Long Wuhua and Chen Yongfeng, two members of the Dragon Clan, have a good understanding of the customs of the Dragon Clan. After a little understanding, they conclude at a glance that Longjing Village is the tail of the dragon, and the dragon head is located in the direction of Hupao Spring. A little farther away is the Qiantang River, pietra gray marble ,grey marble slab, which is connected with the sea! Its burial is just like a huge dragon wanting to jump down from the mountain into the Qiantang River, waiting for the tide to come. Return to the sea along the turbulent river! Was it water or wine? Is Ouyang Lei's confusion, is also Song Huaying's doubt! Then smell the wine, there is a faint fragrance, can not say what is the taste, hard breath to catch more taste to distinguish, but how can not catch, put the nose close to the mouth of the mineral water bottle,Granite Slab Supplier, hard suction, is the same result, that faint fragrance disappeared!. forustone.com