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Xiuzhen God Thief Private individual

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 Do you want me to die?" After absorbing these souls quickly, the soul-sucking beads said apologetically, "I'm sorry, master,S Adenosyl Methionine, because this is my new idea. I just tried it. I'm not familiar with it. I can't control it well. Improve it next time. Improve it next time." Look at it is not intentional, forget it, and Xiangzi down to the second floor, here is very empty, at this time there are hundreds of people lying on the ground, I know these people are dead. Then the soul-sucking bead was embarrassed and said, "Well, just now I felt that there were a lot of people here,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, so I even sucked them together. Hey, anyway, they are going to die, right?"? Master I really can't do anything about it, but it's right. These people are going to die anyway. It's the same if they die early or late. Besides, there's a saying that they die early and are reincarnated early. I'm helping them. Don't be reincarnated in the wrong afterlife. I'm determined to let the soul-sucking beads suck the people inside first. Soul beads listen to my idea, very happy, immediately turned up, I quickly said: "wait a minute, you have to control, like before, or next time I will not let you eat." The soul-sucking bead hurriedly said: "Certainly, I have already used it once, and now I can control this spell very well, and master, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,D BHB Factory, you are so powerful, my little spell will not have any effect on you." I laughed and scolded, "You know how to flatter." Although it said so, I still took Xiangzi away from it for some distance. After we walked away, the soul-sucking bead used its Breeze soul-sucking technique to suck crazily again. After a while, it flew to me. It seemed that it had eaten up all the souls of the people inside. The soul-sucking bead said happily, "Haha, master, I am really full today. I have eaten more than six hundred souls in total. The oath between us has been completed." I said happily, "Haha, you are sensible. I won't let you have such a good chance to eat such delicious food next time." As he spoke, he followed Xiangzi to the third floor. It's nothing here. All the people inside are dead. Xiangzi said, "Childe, let's go to the bottom and have a look. Few people know about that place. The maidservant was discovered when Childe sent me here. It's said that it's an experimental base of Fuji Group. I don't know what they are studying." Under the guidance of Xiangzi, he broke through many doors and finally entered the fifth floor. The lights were bright inside. Many large machines were still running, but all the people were dead. In a corner, there were more than ten big black bags piled up. I don't know what was inside. I motioned Xiangzi to open one. Xiangzi took out a knife and went to a bag. After cutting it open, a naked and blue-skinned dead man rolled out of it. He knew at a glance that he had died of poisoning. Xiangzi quickly opened the other bags. They were all the same. There were people of all colors in these people, and most of them were girls in their twenties. A few of them were very old. I don't know why these people were poisoned here. The next natural is looking for Yamamoto dog son that boy accounts, divinity quickly spread all over the small island of Japan, soon found Yamamoto dog son, at this time he is doing bed exercises with two beautiful young ladies, but I see how his little brother is so small,L Methylfolate Factory, hard up is only as big as the thumb. I took Xiangzi to their room in an instant and looked at Yamamoto Gouzi who was working hard. I said with a smile, "Mr. Gouzi, you are really in high spirits. You are so in the mood to do this happy thing." pioneer-biotech.com

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