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Wife Seduction Addiction: Si Shao, Please Stop Professional

1 year ago Phones & Tablets Sāhibganj   127 views

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The atmosphere suddenly relaxed a lot and I was too lazy to argue with him about such a boring problem which was originally a joke I put on the clothes sent by the housekeeper gathered them tightly and deliberately made a loud noise to look at him but Si Shaozhen was out of his mind and did not respond Si Shaozhen your upbringing must have been eaten by a dog! Oh no you ate it yourself After Tucao I was in a much better mood I also learned from him to look out of the window but Si Shaozhen suddenly said "Childish" I looked at him in amazement and suddenly realized that his reflection could be seen in the window and naturally I could be seen so he had been looking at me just now I raised my index finger and pointed at him proudly as if I had grabbed his pigtail "Are you peeping at me" With a faint smile Si Shaozhen wrapped ultrasonic handheld welder his hand around my finger and retorted "You said you were my wife" I This sentence is clearly not used here! The moonlight covered the glass window like a layer of frost My hand was still in his hand His palm was as dry and warm as ever My ears were slightly hot and we had little physical contact after he came back The more I thought about it the hotter my ears burned I quickly changed the subject and said "When did you know about Ji Yan" "Very early when I regained my mobility" Si Shaozhen looked down at me and said

OK I imitated his response and looked at him with a smile In the light of the moonlight his face became soft and kind I know he's slowly accepting me ultrasonic spray nozzle Su Nianbai you give me a very familiar feeling When he said this I looked at him in surprise and found that his eyes were staring at me as if he was looking at something else through me I took the opportunity to hold his hand with a smile and covered his heart which could not be calm and said "Because we are a family" Si Shaozhen murmured confusedly "Family" But only for a moment he quickly withdrew his expression and pulled out his hand unnaturally "Su Nianbai I said you were very hypocritical" I don't care about the smile "Where ismilk "Madam it's getting late"

” I picked it up and glanced at the disappearing figure on the stairs and asked casually "Was Ah Zhen so awkward when he was a child" The housekeeper laughed and said "Young master he has been like this since he was a child" I looked at him sideways "It's cute" The housekeeper Ultrasonic nano dispersion explained with a smile "The young master smiles like this only when he is facing his wife When he was a child he had a cold face and didn't like to laugh Many people were afraid of the young master" I retorted "The one I know Ah Zhen loves to laugh and doesn't make people afraid at all" "That's just for you madaound me I will have a sense of security" It's like a family It's always gonna be a family Chapter 404 of the main text of his violence Because of what Si Shaozhen said

I couldn't sleep all night Ji Yan and Memorial were my friends If this was really done by Ji Yan wouldn't I have hurt him five years ago I toss and turn I have to hide rands of bitterness and then looked up at him He was dressed in a black suit again with his sunglasses hanging off his collar and his hands folded behind his back very serious Almost every time I see him he is so serious fycgsonic.com