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Wesley 094 (Haunting) Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Ābu Road   179 views

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It's not about practicing kungfu!" On her thin face, the old woman looked even more surprised. Suddenly she picked up the piece of amber that the red silk was hanging between her neck. It was given to the red silk by the king of the Great Head-Dropping Master. There were a few small insects in it. The old woman looked at it for a moment and then took a breath. "Have you learned the witchcraft of the South Seas?" Hong Ling's knowledge at this time naturally made her understand even the most profound words. "I didn't learn it," she said with a smile. "I have a cousin, but she is a head-lowering master. Her kung fu is very profound, but I don't understand it." She said at the time that she "didn't understand,silk ficus tree," and she really didn't understand--she knew so many things, and her knowledge of the brain was unparalleled in the world, and it was all taught to her by aliens. But of course, she knew nothing about witchcraft, head-lowering and bewitching, because even aliens did not understand them, so naturally she could not teach them to her. However, the old woman did not know what was going on, nor could she hear the meaning of the words of the red silk. She stretched out her hand again,faux ficus tree, pushed aside the hair in front of the red silk's forehead, and looked at the red silk, making a sound in her mouth. She was very appreciative. She looked at the red silk for a long time before she crossed the crutch, reached out and patted the head of the crutch, and the part of the human head was patted away by her. As soon as she reached out her hand, she took out a small velvet box from inside and handed it to the red silk. "Here you are, see if you like it!" The red silk took it over, and as soon as she started, she was in a daze, looking surprised. Before she could open it, the eldest Bai said, "Thank you, aunt!" Hong Ling said, "Thank you, Third Aunt," and opened the box. At this time, I was at an angle and distance, fake ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and could not see what was in the small box. I was thinking in my heart that no matter what was in the box, the red silk would not be rare. For one thing, she has no material desire at all. Second, as she herself said, everything is "transparent" to her, and even a big diamond is just an isotope of carbon to her.  Why should she be so kind to children?" The old woman was also very happy when she saw this reaction. She said in a loud voice, "I'm a dying man. I should give the good things to my little nephew. What's the use of keeping them? Can I not die for a thousand years?" Her expression and tone were all very happy, and that kind of reaction was very normal-usually, if you give a good thing to someone,artificial grass panels, if the other party knows the goods and knows that it is a very, very generous gift, it is naturally a happy thing. hacartificialtree.com