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Unspeakable Relationship--Yi Anchu Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Calangute   88 views

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By the way, what's the name of the soup you cooked for me before? "Black Chicken Mountain Ginseng Soup, specially added more red dates and wolfberry, a great tonic." "Remember to cook a cup for me tomorrow." Zhanraozhi thought about it and changed his mind. "Forget it. You go home and cook soup now and bring it to me before you get off work." "Huh?!" The secretary was a little surprised and wondered if he had misheard. Ah what ah! Zhan was slightly angry and glared at the secretary. "I don't understand!" "OK, General Manager Zhan,lutein eye complex, I'll go home now." The secretary nodded hurriedly and turned out of the president's office. As soon as Secretary Meng stepped out of the president's office, Chu Yi came in. General Manager Zhan has taken back all the stocks in the hands of Director Zhan at a high price according to your instructions. Chu Yi stood in front of Zhan Yizhi, seriously reporting his work, "Zhan always rest assured that Zhan director will not find, after all, Zhan director is now in urgent need of a large sum of money to invest in new projects." "Well, well done." Zhan Yizhi lowered his eyebrows and leaned back on the boss's chair,ghana seed extract, looking through the reports in his hands from time to time. What about Ethan? Zhanraozhi stopped turning over the report and looked up at Chu Yi. General Manager Zhan, don't worry, it's watertight. Chu Yi answered, "After all, we are all businessmen, and we are affected by the trend of interests." "Don't take it lightly until the last moment." Zhanraozhi closed the report in his hand and threw it on his desk. I understand, General Manager Zhan. Chu Yi nodded clearly. I'm sleepy and need a rest. Zhanraozhi said that he closed his eyes and gently pressed his temple with his fingertips. "It's all right. You can go down first." "OK, General Manager Zhan." Chu Yi answered, then turned out of the office, with the door to the past, gently closed. Chu Yi stood in the doorway and glanced up at the wristwatch on his wrist. It's only ten o'clock in the morning. Why is General Manager Zhan so sleepy. I think it's too hard to bring down director Zhan. In the afternoon, Zhan Yizhi drank a cup of black-bone chicken and ginseng soup specially stewed by his secretary at home, ghana seed extract ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and took a nap for nearly two hours in the president's lounge on the top floor of the company. As soon as I stepped into the hall, I saw the confrontation between mother and daughter, and the atmosphere was tense for a time. Yen, what are you doing? Are you scolding the child? The grandmother walked slowly up to them and looked at her daughter and asked. Mom, you just know to spoil her. Ye En is not convinced, "you see, how you have spoiled her?!" "Grandma,jujube seed powder, you should wear more clothes when you go out." She helped her grandmother sit on the sofa and turned to look at Wu Xiaoyu, who was standing beside her. "Bring a blanket." "OK, General Manager Zhan." Wu Xiaoyu nodded and retreated. prius-biotech.com