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The Ultimate Evolution of Ants Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Calangute   41 views

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Lin Ruosong moved small steps, drew a circle on the grass, waved his tentacles on his head, and conjured up a very mysterious track. From the occasional raised calf, we can see that he is very depressed now, and has begun to use unique body language to greet the great God who has been paying attention to him. Why are you upset? He could not answer this question himself. Anyway,38 needle valve, he felt very depressed. It was reasonable to say that he should be very happy to break the illusion prophecy and cancel the soul contract. The commander of the Green Head Army looked at his brother with strange eyes and asked, "Steel Head, what should we do next?" "Don't disturb the boss of the steel head!" The head of the orange head stopped, glared at the green head, and then moved his calf and turned around. Since he made up his mind to create a sect, he began to learn Lin Ruosong's words and deeds. Purple head is no exception, it heard the lofty ideals of the orange head, but also made a special trip to ask for a vice leader position,12 needle valve, since joined the theocratic organization, naturally also appeared toward the God stick transformation signs, green head speech interrupted his learning progress, which made it very angry, immediately also vicious stare in the past. Unfortunately, the coordination between the two ants is poor, and they always fail to grasp the right time between the dance of their tentacles and the rise and fall of their calves, and they will fall down after a few steps. "Yes, what should we do next?" Lin Ruosong could not help but slow down, his cheap eldest brother is talking about the central point of the problem, his own reason for boredom is also for this. He is not without a way forward, at least the most important thing is to return to the human body, although he is not very resistant to the ant body, brass tube fitting ,38 tube fitting, but can not be like this for a lifetime? But the problem also follows. Only by rapid evolution can he become a man again. But the words before the King of Illusion dissipated limited his own speed of evolution, and if he evolved too fast and broke the balance, the outcome would be tragic. Lin, in fact, you don't have to worry too much.This action made the purple and orange ants who were learning his body language admire him. It is indeed a steel head, and even the pause is so cool! Purple head conveys information with his eyes, and his eyes shoot around in space. Bull ant, there are too many places worth learning, you see, how smooth the transition between the two movements of steel head is, how perfect and rapid the connection from dynamic to static is! From the movement of the steel head, I realized the track of the way of heaven,tube fitting manufacturer, and I have to tell you happily that I have been sublimated again! This sublimation is not the body, but the spirit, do you know? It's spirit!. chinaroke.com