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The ninth verse Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Candolim   21 views

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That Su Jinke answers very quickly: "Be deleted really by the person?" "If a boy deletes the contact information of another boy in your mobile phone, what may be the reason?" Su Jinke pounded the table: "Because I like you, I can't see anyone else in your eyes!" How is that possible. Except this? Su Jinke thought for a few seconds, then touched his chin and replied, "He's your father." “……” Feelings, and she took this question as a brain teaser? Ye Jialan's father is now abroad and may have fallen asleep. She coughed. "Be serious." "He likes that man?" Ye Jialan: ".." She didn't dare to think about it,stainless steel needle valve, and after a few more words, she hung up the phone directly. Ye Jialan sat for a while, during which she recited 46 English words. Until the sun went down, the boys finally came from the basketball court. Next to the girls rushed to the stall to buy water, Ye Jialan looked at the two bottles of water next to her, a new bottle of a bottle of their own drink,hydraulic fitting supplier, read in Xie Jingfei and his class for a year, she also bought a bottle for Xie Jingfei. Soon after he came back and sat down, the two men lifted their feet. The girls next to Ye Jialan were eager to try, but none of them stretched out their hands. Then the closer Tang Yu and Xie Jingfei got, the hotter the line of sight fell on Ye Jialan. Until the two stopped in front of him. Ye Jialan stiffened her scalp and handed over the bottle of water. Her fingertips were white and round, as if she was afraid of holding it unsteadily, so she used two hands to hold the bottle. Tang Yu used to have a lot of girls to give him water after playing the ball, tall, short, fat and thin. But Ye Jialan is different from other girls. Even her action of passing water is better than others. Tang Yu bent his eyes slightly. "Thank you." He reached for it, then unscrewed the bottle cap, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and the Adam's apple was obvious when he drank water with his head slightly up. Next to a girl regret: "If I had known, I would have sent it to him first. I thought he didn't drink the girl's water.." Xie Jingfei said, "Monitor, are you treating me too differently?"? We've been classmates for a whole year. I don't know if I believe it or not. The mobile phone just shook lightly in the palm, and Xie Jingfei's message came over again: "Monitor, I just said something wrong,needle valve manufacturer, it's not a performance personality!" [You mustn't tell Yuyu!] Xie Jingfei was so nervous that he remembered to ask a professional. As a result, he was completely different from what he had imagined in his heart when he encountered setbacks. He couldn't smear Tang Yu at will, so he quickly explained. chinaroke.com