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The Hunger Games 1 _ Collins Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Calangute   35 views

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Location: Calangute
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By this time, the lack of water had become more of a torment than the fear that the pros had given me; besides, they were in the opposite direction, and it was time to rest. Water is scarce. They may have returned to the lake for water. Perhaps the present route is the only route I can walk. The next morning, I felt even worse. My head ached with every beat of my heart. Every time I move a step, the joint will be painful. I fell from the tree, not jumped,side impact beams, and it took me several minutes to pick up the thing from the ground. I knew in my heart that I should not have done so, that I should have been more alert and walked faster; but I was dizzy and could not make a good plan. I reclined on the tree trunk, thinking about what to do, and touched the tongue surface as dry as sandpaper carefully with my fingers. How can I find water? Back to the lake? No, I can't do it. Expect it to rain? There is not even a cloud in the sky. Keep looking? Yeah, it's my only choice. A thought flashed through my mind,impact beam tubes, and anger woke me up. Hermes! He can bring me water! At the push of a button, a silver-white parachute delivers water in a matter of minutes. I know there must be someone who sponsors me, at least one or two people who can afford to buy me a bottle of dehydration! Yes, the water delivered here is expensive, but these people live in a pile of money, and they will certainly bet on me. Maybe Hermes doesn't know how much I need water. "Water!" I shouted as boldly as I could. Then wait, hopefully, for the parachute to fall from the sky, but nothing appears. That's not right. Did I misjudge the sponsor? Maybe they're standing back because of Peeta's behavior? No, I don't believe it. There must have been a lot of people waiting to buy me water, stainless steel 304 pipes ,side impact door beams, but Hermes refused. As my advisor, he should control the arrival time of the sponsorship. I know he hates me, and he's made that clear.  I kept forgetting what I was going to do, and I stumbled, trying to keep my footing. The crutch slipped under my feet and I flopped to the ground, unable to get up again,precision welded tubes, I closed my eyes. I was wrong about Hermes. He had no intention of helping me. "It's all right," I thought. "It's not so bad here." The air was not so hot, indicating that night was coming. There was a fragrance that reminded me of lilies. My fingers touched the smooth ground and drew softly on it. It's a nice place to be prepared for death. I want. cbiesautomotive.com