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Take the west entrance Professional

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Zhang Youhe took advantage of the situation to pull Yulian's hand but Yulian couldn't pull it out At this time Suisheng suddenly rushed in and shouted "Dad I want to eat rabbit meat with soy sauce Take me to buy it" Yulian blushed and hurriedly shook off Zhang Youhe's hand and walked aside Zhang Youhe said "Well my father went to buy some food and wine by the way and we'll have dinner together when he comes back!" Zhang Youhe said this to Suisheng but his eyes smiled at Yulian and Yulian blushed even more After a few days Zhang Youhe officially became the big shopkeeper of Sanyitai In order to serve as the big shopkeeper Zhang Youhe silk ficus tree specially made a new dress shaved his head and shaved his face Is he in high spirits when he meets a happy event! Zhang Youhe stares at Sanyitai's shop all day long He walked up and down telling the boys to make a living "Go count the goods in the warehouse and pull up a list" Also tell Mr Lu to make this month's account as soon as possible!

Mr Lu is really old This thing can't be done by procrastination After orn took Suisheng to Guihuacheng Street to buy things She walked easily and had a clear expression silk olive tree on her face which was rare since the death of Taichun Taichun has been gone for more than a year and Yulian has finally come out of the haze of losing her loved ones As Yulian was walking along she suddenly heard someone behind her calling "Sister-in-law!" She turned her head and saw Helian running out of a shop by the roadside "It's Helian" said Yulian with a smile "Why are you here" Helian "Oh I'm sorry for my sister-in-law I have to make amends for her" Yulian "Why" Helian "I left Sanyitai" Yulian "Oh really" Helian

It's true I wanted to talk to my sister-in-law before I left but I was afraid that Zhang You and Zhang Da were oversensitive so I didn't go Yulian Why What's the matter Did Zhang Youhe or the Mongolian gazelle offend you Helian No I just want to change of big shopkeeper Xu outdoor ficus tree I feel very uncomfortable what a good man follow him is to go through fire and water is to die I have nothing to say Yulian "Are you unhappy to hear the voice" Helian "Sister-in-law I'll tell you something Anyway I'm not from Sanyitai now I tell your sisterg his white teeth "I said why the door was locked Niang and Niang went shopping" Yulian I saw Helian in the street just now

" "Oh I forgot to tell you he's gone" Zhang Youhe said "I have to drive this man away even if he doesn't go by himself He is sensible if he goes by himself" Yulian "What did Helian do to annoy him so much" Zhang Youhe "I don't know my identity when artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings I do things I'm talkative I think I'm the old team of Sanyitai but I'm pointing at the big shopkeeper in front of everyone" Yulian "The Mongolian gazelle is noisheng go!" He shouted! Go to the counter with Big Dad Big daddy bought you something good!

Watching Suisheng happily follow Zhang Youhe away Yulian had an in like it!"! My father promised me a dagger But he Zhang Youhe "OK isn't it the same for Big Dad to send you" Sui Sheng Tell Big Dad what you like in the future and Big Dad will buy it for you! Sui Sheng is happy he promised happily "Hey!" hacartificialtree.com