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Strong marriage love, the chief overlord spoil the tender wife Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Captainganj   100 views

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She cried and nodded, and gave the balloon in her hand to Su Lingyun. Do you like it? "Like it!"! As long as it's bought by Mom and Dad, Lingyun likes it! Su Lingyun's small mouth is very sweet, said Su Xiao heart like eating honey in general. She picked up Su Lingyun, although some heavy, but that kind of feeling let Su Xiao feel full. Ling Feng wanted to hold the child over,collapsible bulk container, but was stopped by Su Xiao. She wants to fill the gap of five years as soon as possible. Su Xiao did not rush back, but with Ling Feng took Su Lingyun to the zoo, also went to the Dinosaur Valley. The child smiled and jumped happily, and the cheerful appearance filled the hearts of Su Xiao and Ling Feng. They finally feel like a family. After playing in Yunnan for a few days, Su Xiao saw that Lingyun was tired and decided to take a day off. She accompanied Su Lingyun almost day and night, which made Ling Feng very critical. I said smile, do you divide your love equally? Can you give me one three five and give him two four six? "No!"! My son and I have been separated for five years,wholesale plastic pallet, and I have to make up for this love anyway. Su Xiao did not even look at Ling Feng, basically treating him as air. Ling Feng said gloomily, "You and I have been away for five years, okay?" "How can it be the same?"? You're an adult. Can't you eat or sleep? Lingyun is still so small, how can you compete with Lingyun? Ling Feng, where is your face? Or a man? Su Xiao upgraded the problem directly. Ling Feng simply wanted to cry without tears. If I had known, I wouldn't have brought this boy. "If you don't have Lingyun, you won't see me have a good face for you in your life." Su laughed and went into the room with Su Lingyun in his arms. Ling Feng stood pitifully in the hall like an abandoned daughter-in-law. Did I still delay the boy's good fortune? As he spoke to himself, his mind suddenly turned and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. Small sample, you have a good plan, I have a wall ladder. Ling Feng moved his quilt and pillow directly to Su Xiao and Su Lingyun's bed. Son, from today on, will mom and dad sleep with you? Ling Feng did not go to see Su Xiao, spill plastic pallet ,plastic trash bins, but directly found Su Lingyun. When Su Lingyun heard this, he immediately became happy. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Dad sleeps on the left, mom sleeps on the right, and I sleep in the middle! Just right! Su Lingyun is very happy, Su Xiao also does not have the heart to hit the child, just hate to stare Ling Feng one eye.This wench, three days do not hit, go to the house to uncover the tile! "For me?"? You try! Ling Feng said and deceived himself. Su Xiao wants to dodge already too late, do not check for a while by Ling Feng directly scratched itch,plastic pallet box, instantly burst out laughing. I play, too! Su Lingyun looked at his parents having a good time and joined the battle. All of a sudden, laughter filled the room. cnplasticpallet.com