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Six Heavenly Books Private individual

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The mandala immediately followed the direction of the sound, and he wanted to solve all doubts. Hands to push aside the thick fog, see, is an old man and girl in the fight, the old kept laughing, laughing is very obscene. "Ha.." said the old man with a lewd smile. Those who are used to courtesans have to rush to the'Six Gates of Life and Death '. Do you still miss the days of being licentious? The girl said angrily, "You old monster is far less powerful than me. This girl should be a hundred years earlier than you. Get out of here." The old man was standing in the way. "Well," he said with a smile, "let me taste the animal's desire first, and then let you go to the Six Gates of Life and Death." The girl shouted,Cold Drawn Tubes, "If we continue to delay and be blocked by the'ghost soldier ', we will be in great trouble." The old man laughed and said, "The ghost soldier may not be able to stop me." With a flick of his feet, he rushed forward. The old man grabbed the girl with ten fingers. The girl did not dare to fight, so she turned around and walked away. Within three steps, she suddenly turned around and punched out. It turned out that the girl just pretended to be defeated and fled, waiting for the old man to attack,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, then the killer, but the old man was not fooled. With both hands, she grasped the girl's right fist and twisted it again. With a click, the girl blurted out her elbow and cried out for mercy in pain. Not satisfied, the old man struck the girl on her left shoulder, breaking the shoulder bone and making it difficult for the girl to resist. A pair of rough palms stretched out and stroked the girl's chest, and the old man indulged in sexual humiliation and did whatever he wanted. The old man laughed and said, "Even if you go to the Six Gates of Life and Death, where the demons gather, with your spiritual power, how can it be your turn to knock at the entrance of life and death? Don't dream about the Spring and Autumn Period. You'd better stay for another hundred years." The evil old man opened his big mouth and bit the soft breast. He was so greedy that the girl suddenly hit the old man on the forehead, and immediately both ends were broken. The girl and the old man were badly hurt at the same time, but they still tried to hold up. They both wanted to kill each other first and tried to get up. Suddenly a burst of chain "clang" sound came, two eyes in a daze, aluminium coated steel tube ,cold drawn tubes, immediately at a loss, shocked unceasingly. Datura sees everything and hears it clearly. But he kept thinking over and over again, still puzzled, what is the "six gates of life and death", "ghost soldiers", "spiritual power"? With his experience in Jianghu, he has a clear understanding of all the major divine religions and evil sects in the world, and even a very detailed understanding of martial arts moves. However, the old man and the girl's conversation, he is listening to a confused, unclear, how not even the slightest clue? What the hell is this place? It's not an "eight-array map", is it? Thinking about it, I still don't know why. But in a'disaster of heaven ', a fireball blasted into the human world and opened the'door of hell'. You just fell into the Hell Gate and broke in by mistake, do you understand? The bewildered Mandala was at a loss and said hurriedly, "No wonder my heart is still beating and my blood is still moving. Yes, my life is not over yet!" Manmozang said,side impact door beams, "Not only did the'Heavenly Plunder 'break open the'Gate of Hell' and connect Yin and Yang, but it also opened the'Eighteen Layers of Hell '. It should have been thousands of years before reincarnation. The evil spirits who had to be heavily punished escaped one after another and rushed to the'Six Gates of Life and Death' to survive reincarnation." Incandescent Angel Bookstore OCR Team KUO scan, Yusi correction C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Desktop \ "Liu Dingjian Wuxia Complete Works" Collection Edition v1.0 \ 04088. cbiesautomotive.com