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Shushan _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise Private individual

1 year ago Automobiles Sāhibganj   300 views

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Most of these sorcerers have strange origins, various skills and magic weapons. After such a long rush to kill, the players who hit the 49th floor of the former mansion have listed the probability of each layer of spirits and sorcerers in detail, organized them into posts and sent them to the forum. And there are players constantly adding to this post. Gu Chen can't intervene for the time being. I might as well pick up some sorcerers in the former mansion to slaughter. Now more than 20 layers of Qianfu Dou have been shattered by the three demons of Xuanyuan, so you don't have to bother to kill them layer by layer. Back to the entrance of the Magic Wave Pool, I found that the number of players here is a little small. But this kind of unusual, did not cause my attention, only clapped the sword light, with three heads rushed up the monster to fight together. After two or three rounds of fighting, I cut off most of the blood volume of the three-headed monster, and I took it away with the exorcism circle. Did not wait for me to find the second wave of targets, long heard players shouting at the top of their lungs: "Insects are coming, we quickly withdraw ah!" " "Worm?"? What's so terrible about bugs? I swung the sword of the two sorcerers into four sections, collected the booty, and looked at the entrance of the Magic Wave Pool, which was cracked open and looked a little dark and far-reaching. A black cloud suddenly rose, and countless alien demon insects, whose heads were two or three times larger than human beings, fluttered their six wings and sent out bursts of lament. Rao,Glass Cosmestic Containers, I am also a master of magic. I have seen countless demons and insects, and I was startled by these guys. Is this a bug? Don't be a mutant Spider-Man accomplice who has been exposed to nuclear radiation! Players near the entrance of the Magic Wave Pool had already collectively rubbed oil on the soles of their feet before the insects rushed up. In the blink of an eye, only a few self-confident and bold people showed their flying swords and magic weapons, adding a layer of defense to themselves. As long as there is a good defense magic weapon, can resist the attack of these giant demon insects, this state is a good scene for some players with group attack skills to harvest experience and rush level. I glanced at the audience, and sure enough, the people left behind were sparse, but dozens of people, each doing things in their own way, it seems that they are not a group, but everyone has a circle of light clouds, rosy clouds, golden light, 30ml dropper bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum, black gas. It seems that we have some experience in attacking this group of insects.  "Are you still going to rob the monster with me? Look at the insects under your hands,Glass Cream Jars, not to mention the blood skin.". I can see that when they chew, there is no bone residue left! "Khan!"! Poison Golden Silkworm is a little ferocious. I'll cut it for you with a flying sword. I promise I'll only shed a hundred points of blood. One move will kill you! Your girl finally hesitated and whispered, "I don't believe it!" " penghuangbottle.com

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