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Romantic medical ethics (features) Private individual

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Turning his head, he saw a black-clad killer appear at the door of the living room. Liang Feng can not help but be frightened. He guessed that the person Xie Xiaowan wanted to kill was Gu Long, but he did not guess that she would assassinate him today! Now I'm a guest at Gu's house, and it's hard to help her! "Grandpa!" Gu Qingcheng was even more surprised and worried about Grandpa's life. However, Gu Long moved up again, enduring the pain of the wound, no, at this moment, he should have completely forgotten the wound on his body, he wanted to run for his life! Powerful survival brought out the potential in the old guy. He Gu Long is a master, after a shot, more highly sensitive,tin beneficiation plant, Xie Xiaowan a little sign of trouble, he can feel ahead of time! Sure enough, Xie Xiaowan, standing at the door, pulled the trigger again! At this time, Gu Long did not want to rush to the left front, and there, but just sitting Liang Feng. Liang Feng couldn't help but be taken aback again. He wanted to push Gu Long away. He scolded in his heart, "Niang, are you going to use the old man as a shield? No, is it a shield?"? And the gun-wielding Xie Xiaowan was also taken aback at this time, because she saw clearly the man in front of Gu Long. Isn't that Liang Feng who left Yanjing without saying goodbye and wore a white Chinese tunic suit on weekdays in order to be handsome?! Xie Xiaowan was so surprised that she immediately moved her hand at will, and the moment she pulled the trigger, her hand still moved. Boom! The gun went off. Originally this shot, is to hit Gu Long's chest, but Gu Long's forward attack, coltan ore processing ,mineral flotation, but Liang Feng became his gun card, Xie Xiaowan in a hurry, changed the marksmanship, this shot a little distance, did not hit Liang Feng's body. However, the fact that the shot did not hit Liang Feng does not mean that it failed. Ah Gu Long screamed. Yes, the shot still hit Gu Long, and this one hit him on the elbow. Blood spatter, immediately a blood stain! Gun God! Not shot, Liang Feng heart naturally a happy, can not help but look at Xie Xiaowan. Had it not been for the circumstances, he would have given a thumbs-up to Xie Xiaowan. As if the heart has a little connection, he is Xie Xiaowan in the moment of shooting, no, shifted the muzzle. These subtle movements, even if they are as smart as Gu Qingcheng, can not be seen. Gu Qingcheng's attention was all focused on Xie Xiaowan's intention to kill. Xie Xiaowan will look away from Liang Feng's eyes, she is very clear that the purpose of today is-not to flirt with this guy Liang Feng. Then, Xie Xiaowan raised her gun again. Seeing this, Gu Qingcheng opened his eyes wide and was about to throw himself in front of Grandpa and block the shot for him! Hurry up! Protect your lordship and! And it was at this time that the housekeeper rushed with a group of black-clad bodyguards. The situation is critical! Liang Feng was taken aback, but because of Gu Qingcheng Gu Long in the side, but did not dare to disclose! Liang Feng winked at Xie Xiaowan and motioned her to leave quickly. No need to remind Liang Feng, Xie Xiaowan is already feeling the danger! Her face was covered by a black mask, and she could not see her expression at the moment, but there was a trace of uneasiness in her eyes. Gu Jia is one of the two big families in Yanjing at present. Its bodyguard strength can be imagined! Bang, bang, bang, bang. In a shooting duel, Xie Xiaowan had nothing to do, and the bodyguards of the Gu family were shot and more than a dozen people fell to the ground. Gu's bodyguards are fierce, but in terms of marksmanship, they are a pile of slag in front of Xie Xiaowan. However, Xie Xiaowan's marksmanship is again God, she shot can not kill two bodyguards. These family-oriented bodyguards are very professional, have fallen, they did not think of retreat, just forward! In this way, soon, a bodyguard deceives the body to approach, attacks to Xie Xiaowan. In hand-to-hand combat, Xie Xiaowan's marksmanship was no longer useful. Whose fist is harder than now! At this time, although Liang Feng is looking at Gu Long's injury, but the attention has been on Xie Xiaowan there. Now see this situation, Liang Feng can not help but more anxious! Xie Xiaowan is most proud of the gun can not be used, and now these elite bodyguards are close combat, is to think with the buttocks, also the end will be! Is it so helplessly watching Xie Xiaowan trapped in the Jedi? Impossible! Suddenly! Liang Feng's eyes were so cruel that the hand that had pushed and rubbed the hemostatic acupoint for Gu Long pinched Gu Long's neck like lightning! "You're going to do it!" Liang Feng's sudden change, come so suddenly, let Gu Qingcheng startled to stare a circle, can not help but ask Liang Fengfeng. Liang Feng did not explain to Gu Qingcheng. He immediately said, "Tell them to stop!" At that time, Liang Feng pinched Gu Long's right hand and used another force. Make Gu Long more dyspnea,gold cil machine, face muscle twist more fierce! Gu Longben was a master, but he was shot twice by Xie Xiaowan, and Liang Feng's change was so fast that he was caught off guard. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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