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Rain and Clouds-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise Professional

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Li Shaozhang was so excited by the two of them that he said in a loud voice "Don't count me out" Gan Luo looked at Li Shaozhang with a kind look in his eyes He said with a smile "You have a wife and a son and you have a happy life Even if you want to go into danger with me I will never allow you to stay in the dark It will help us more Li Shaozhang had never been looked at by Gan Luo with such eyes He felt a burst of excitement in his heart He choked up and 65 inch smart board said "Lord of the city" Gan Luo pretended to be angry aGan Luo looked up and was speechless

After a while he sighed sadly "Did Ge Ba and Xie Qianpan betray me" Old Jie said in a deep voice "I don't think so According to the young master who escaot be easy for Fang Yeyu to turn his men Old Jie said "There is a strange thing that is Yi Yanmei left Fang Yeyu and came alone along the river to the east leaving a secret record 65 inch touch screen of the mountain city all the way It seems" It seems There was a strange look in Ganluo's eyes He pondered for a while and said calmly "She came to me You didn't touch her did you" "Her behavior is abnormal" said the old hero "It doesn't look like a trap but of course I have to ask the young master before I act" Gan Luo was greatly satisfied with Lao Jie's carefulness He nodded and said "Yan Mei Yan Mei" I hope I'm not wrong about you again The two men looked at him in astonishment Gan Luo raised his teacup took a sip of tea and said lightly "From today on we will fight with Fang Yeyu in an all-round way" Wuchang Outside the Han Mansion There were few pedestrians on Dachong and even if someone passed by they were all in a hurry rushing home for dinner Reluctant to send Qin Mengyao to the door Qin Mengyao smiled and said "Master please go back!"!

The people of the eight factions are waiting for you She shook her head and said "If Miss Qin doesn't mind" The little monk wants to give him another ride Qin Mengyao did not refuse walked down the stone steps and walked slowly along the street Be reluctant to give up falling behind the ruler Xu silently accompany to walk After walking for more than ten minutes he was a little reluctant to say "Miss Qin touch screen board classroom can you allow the little monk to ask a question boldly" Under the slanting light of the setting sun Qin Mengyao's pretty face was suffused with holy brilliance She smiled and said "What are you talking about" Master don't hide it in your heart Do not give up looking at the red clouds on the horizon With a lonely expression on his face he said with a sigh "The little monk was born in an era when Mongolians and Tibetan monks were rampant His parents brothers and sisters all died tragicallwould gradually recover" But suddenly passed away not leaving a word then I thought only In any case

I also want to for the teacher for the Shaolin Temple get rid of Pang Ban Qin Mengyao knew that he was reluctant to give up these words from the bottom of his heart probably because he had never said them to anyone since the death of his master monk Juejie and he could not help feeling pity in his heart He felt that he was reluctant to give up and had the intention touch screen whiteboard of regarding her as a confidante Reluctant to give up the tone turned to calm said "Then the little monk thought" My teacher's martial arts have reacgxiu House which specializes in the way of men and women to give up such an eminent monk who has been practicing since childhood"

If he wants to make such a decision his inner contradictions and struggles can be imagined She hesitated for a moment and said "Miss Qin do you know why the young mf Make up your mind Qin Mengyao took a few steps lightly before she turned her head smart board touch screen and said "Master didn't you think before Why didn't I stop the Red Sun Dharma King from kidnapping people" "Because the young monk suddenly thought of the reason" he said with a slight smile In fact the little monk did not do it with all his strength but it was slightly different from the reason why Miss Qin did not really do it Qin Mengyao looked at her with a deep meaning and said calmly "The Master is not willing to go all out Do you want the Red Sun Dharma King to find the Eagle Sword for me and have no time to leave"

With an appreciative look in his eyes he said frankly "The little monk is purely from the point of view of interests because the little monk received a tip-off last nigortunity of a thousand years" "Yes" he asked in astonishment! Why did the little monk miss that opportunity  hsdsmartboard.com