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Peasant's Little Lady by Masquerade Feast Private individual

1 year ago Fashion Bārāsat   184 views

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Location: Bārāsat
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Although the elder sister is a woman, she can tell what she really likes. "I do not know when, you began to become impatient, I know Mr. Qin has high hopes for you, you are more and more confident day by day, believe that you can, stupid birds fly first, ambition is not high, these are good.". And the elder sister came to say this to you today, not to tell you any great principles, and the elder sister doesn't know any great principles. I just hope you don't push yourself too hard, so you can concentrate on it,silk ficus tree, just like Grandma's craft, Niang can't learn it, because she doesn't like it. And the elder sister is happy, so the elder sister is willing to learn, willing to study, willing to pay time and effort, and then harvest the results of efforts. The same is true of your study. You have worked very hard. Does it matter if you can pass the exam? If you can pass the exam, it's good. If you can't pass the exam, we won't lose anything. Don't lose your normal heart. Don't you find that your heart is beginning to be confused,silk olive tree, and it's getting harder and harder to write from memory? Why don't you relax, so that you can be quiet and look at the things around you besides books? Don't you realize that you haven't spoken to your family for a long time? Do you know that your family is worried about you, but they don't know how to express their worries? Lu Guangzhi listened quietly, and the sense of shame came like an avalanche, and he wanted to drown him. Eldest sister Lu Jiaoyue patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Well, don't think too much. Without a good body, it's useless for you to study again.". There are only five examinations in the county examination. If you finish the examination on the same day, you will appear on the same day. If you change to Chunwei, you will take the examination for nine days in a row. Don't you know that many people fail not because they don't have enough knowledge, but because they can't support their bodies? Hearing this, Lu Guangzhi could not help but be stunned, "elder sister, how do you know?" Lu Jiaoyue said in her heart, "I heard what my little uncle said." "The little uncle is so awesome that he knows about it." Thousands of miles away, Mei Zhuangyi suddenly sneezed. He couldn't help rubbing his nose, and he didn't know who was thinking about him. The second couple found that their son, large artificial blossom trees ,fake ficus tree, who had been studying hard behind closed doors, suddenly came out of the door, refreshed in the morning, and helped Mei Shi, who was busy in the kitchen, to do some work.This house has been abandoned since Qiu Cuihe entered the gate of the Lu family. Several brothers of the money family have their own houses, this house is shabby, no one deliberately to occupy, after all,large palm trees for sale, most of the houses in the countryside are not worth any money. Qiu Cuihe hurried to the house, and as soon as he reached the door, he was dragged in. hacartificialtree.com