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My husband Jun is too fierce by Su Xingle Professional

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Baoying noticed, hugged his neck and cried even more, "Yong Wang Ye!" Qi Mingxiu patted her on the back and looked into the distance, but said nothing. Just now, he was angry. He was not angry with her, not tired of her, but for a moment, he found a vent in her body. Today, the emperor brother's words, Lan Zuocheng's words, let him think of too many unbearable things. He could not do anything to his brother, nor could he kill Lan Zuocheng, so he could only endure his disgust and disgust and shut himself up in the study alone. And when she appeared, she just broke his nerves. Lan Zuocheng did not dare to appear in front of him for many years, and the emperor's brother did not dare to mention that person for a long time, that is his inverse scale, who touched who died. Thinking of the woman in the yard, his expression became gloomy again. He once wished he could strangle her to death, but now, he is still just as she wishes, staying in this Yongwangfu, to be her Yongwangfu,Gear Reduction Motor, so that she can enjoy the splendor and wealth that a princess should have. However, she was not allowed to walk out of Zhengxian Courtyard. It was her gold and silver cave, but it was also her tomb. The person in the arms is still crying, the small body keeps trembling, pray for Mingxiu to finally come to his senses, the expression is still awestruck, but the eyes have been restrained. He sighed, once his temperament was once tyrannical, thought that the past few years all covered up,small geared motors, but did not expect that one day it will be uncovered. He never killed innocent people, but in the end he let her suffer. Don't cry. I hurt you. He straightened her up and opened the drawer and took out a veil to wipe her tears. Baoying's tears rolled down again. "Don't be angry, Lord Yong. I won't be angry again." "It's none of your business." He said, but for no reason he dared not look her in the eye. Her eyes were red, but they were real and flustered. She was always afraid of him, he knew. Baoying heard him say this, took the veil in his hand to wipe tears, but some at a loss, not to blame her, what is it. She wanted to see some clues carefully, but his face was indifferent, and there was only a trace of ice in his eyes that had not yet faded. She sobbed and dared not pursue it after all. Thinking of something, she asked, "Are you still going to Yonghe Garden tonight?" "Not going." Qi Mingxiu replied. He still needs to calm down. Baoying thought for a moment and then asked, "Will you go tomorrow?" Tomorrow, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, just one tomorrow, but the result is too important. Qi Mingxiu looked at her for a long time and replied, "Yes." Baoying is so happy that she will come back tomorrow, which means that the deadline may be more than two months. Thank you. She hugged his neck again.  She did not dare to neglect, but only pandered to him and wanted to serve him well with all her body and mind. That is, she felt that Yong Wang Ye seemed to like torturing her more and more, and every time he had to make her cry. And her breasts are getting bigger and bigger. But Yong Wang Ye can be happy, looking at Qi Mingxiu in addition to the bed will be arbitrary some other time can be a little gentle to her,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Baoying feel actually quite good. After a few days, Qi Mingxiu set foot in Yonghe Garden every night, and everything seemed to be back to the original. ichgearmotor.com

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