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Military Marriage "Reborn Military Marriage Jiang Shao's Unrestrained Wife" txt Complete Works Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Candolim   29 views

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The drillmaster calculated the time very accurately, and after five kilometers, the sunset was only the last bit of fire on the western hilltop. The training clothes were soaked with sweat, and the evening breeze brought out a trace of coolness. After a line of seven people entered the canteen in formation, they could not wait to rush to the window for meals. Brocade Xi is also hungry,Nail machine supplier, but the idea of wanting to talk to someone alone is even worse, so he deliberately slowed down his pace, waiting for the powerful figure to approach from behind. Two people turn a head, the line of sight meets unexpectedly, brocade Xi clearly sees that person's sharp sexy Adam's apple rolls two times quickly, but that double eye bottom, is as if wants to eat her the heat. Originally wanted to talk to him, but a look at this hungry wolf-like eyes, brocade Xi suddenly did not dare, afraid of a little lift, he did something impulsive. The two of them went to the window one after the other, ate quietly, and sat down at the table. Seven people sit together naturally, Zhang Chumo sees good friend takes a seat, ask again immediately: "a moment ago you had not answered, wire nail making machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, these days after all how?" Jin Xi couldn't say the real reason, so she smiled and said lightly, "It was a bit sudden to carry out the task, so I didn't have time to say goodbye to you." Xia Mingxi raised his eyebrows. Improve the comprehensive combat capability at the cost of blood! Who is not strong enough, who can not live out of the battlefield! The most direct and frightening threat to life will stimulate a person's deepest and infinite potential! So, they have to be strong, they have to be fierce! "I know, you all think you are very powerful, is the elite of the elite, but in the end is the elite or straw bag, have to see the real chapter on the battlefield!"! I fought for you this time. Win or lose, it depends on how you behave! Originally,Nail production machine, we did not have the meaning of fear of death, was the drillmaster's words a shock, each immediately blood boiling. 3shardware.com