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Me, from a thousand years ago. Private individual

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Don't you have to think about it? This is not something that can be decided hastily! "No, sir, I'm sure I'm sure!" Chen Jinglan showed a faint smile: "By the way,sodium cyanide price, if it was me, I would have killed that guy, too.". And if I were in Lin Jian's situation now, she would come to save me. 099 Violet Change 1 Ten days later, Chen and Florence met Captain Brant, who had come to greet them,gold heap leaching, at a jump station on the way to the Violet Planet. The fleet did not jump to the jump station, and the noble's private fleet was not allowed to leave its resident system without permission. For this reason, the fleet can only speed up, and there are several private jump stations on the way to the Violet Planet, which are expensive, but are the first choice for large-scale private fleets to jump. So Brant only took a fast stormboat to pick up the two men, not a new flagship he had recently obtained for Lin Jian. It was supposed to be a surprise for Lin Jian when she came to Molinbek next time. Who would have thought that before the flagship was sent out, Lin Jian gave him a "surprise" first. " The Major General only told me about you, not that you had a child with you. Brant hurried on, magnetic separator machine ,manganese beneficiation plant, his tired face looking beyond words. He was also a classmate of Lin Jian and was determined to join the fleet with all his strength. Glancing at Florence, Chen Jinglan answered. And her answer softened Brant's expression a little. But he didn't say much, just nodded and motioned for the two men to take the space plane and the stormboat to join the fleet. In fact, Chen Jinglan was surprised to see Florence when she arrived at the Capital Star Space Port ten days ago. Florence has been showing obvious affection for Angelina since the end of last year's freshman competition. This time Anjelina encountered this kind of thing, it is a good opportunity for him to take advantage of the situation. However, Chen Jinglan did not ask Florence about this matter. She has never been very good at dealing with people. She did not object when Florence declared that she must follow her to the violets. Tranquil stars, occasionally twinkling with the faint light of exploding stars from distant star fields. After rendezvousing with the fleet, Chen Jinglan and Florence followed Captain Brant onto the ship, the flagship that had just been painted with the fleet's insignia. The Geoffin is a standard flagship of a second-class mothership. Compared with the 1,100-meter-long hull of the first-class flagship, such as Lin Mo's flagship Parsifal, the 900-meter-long hull of the Geoffin is much smaller, but because it is a newly built ship, it is no different from the first-class flagship in terms of its own shield level. The champagne-gold flagship looks like an elegant girl with a beautiful figure, and its proud posture is remarkable. It's a beautiful boat. Chen Jinglan couldn't help exclaiming when she set foot on the Geoffiin. I heard you were captain of Azuturan's flying team. Brant did not pick up Chen Jinglan's words but opened his mouth to ask. Yes Chen Jinglan nodded her head. Memphis spoke very highly of you and said you were a rare talent. ” Chen Jinglan is stupefied, some dare not believe ask: "Does the captain know Memphis elder?" Memphis was Chen Jinglan's predecessor in the flight team and the captain of the Azuturan flight team at that time. She was three years higher than her and had already left school. Yes, I worked with him for a time before I left His Majesty's fleet. He was a new recruit at that time. But the flying skills are quite good. Brant smiled and continued, "By chance, I heard him say that there was a girl who challenged him as soon as she entered school, and he almost lost face in front of all the members of the flying team." "Is it?" Chen Jinglan gave a rare smile: "That was a long time ago." An outstanding student like you is likely to be assigned to the First Fleet or the Third Fleet after graduation, and may even be selected for the Royal Guard. Why did you choose to come to our fleet at this time? You know, we're going to the prison this time, and whether we succeed or not, you won't be able to enter the regular fleet. Unless a miracle happens. Brant and Chen Jinglan is the first time to meet, he has always been a person who likes to say ugly words in front. Chen Jinglan did not feel disgusted with Brant's outspokenness. On the contrary, she felt that such a superior was more convincing than those senior fleet officials who spoke in a bureaucratic tone. And since Lin Mo trusts him, he should be a trustworthy person. Most of the time, we can't make our own choices. The current situation always makes choices for us. It seemed that Chen Jinglan's answer did not satisfy Brant. He curled his lips and turned to look at Florence. "What about you?"? Although you seem to be the same age as Lin Jian, you look more like a child than she does. Brant's words made Florence blush and angry, Brant's strange emphasis made him a little dissatisfied, but at this time Brant was indeed the current commander of the fleet, and since he chose to come to the fleet,gold CIP machine, the quality of the soldiers made him suppress the anger accumulated in his heart over the past few days, and loudly answered: "Sir, I choose to fight for the people I want to protect!" ore-magnetic-mining.com

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