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Luhan Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Abhayāpuri   175 views

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" There was silence in the carriage, and the red pine nut turned his attention to the outside of the carriage, lifted the bamboo curtain and looked outside, and from time to time made a sound to direct the direction of the driver's hand. After a meal, the carriage stopped. Chi Songzi got up and went out of the carriage. I lifted the bamboo curtain and looked out. He stood still and looked around,4k smart board, as if he was identifying the direction. Then he went to a big tree, jumped into the crown of the tree, and in a moment, he jumped down with a man in his arms. Seeing that the height was about three meters, I couldn't help shaking my head and hiding people. Thanks to him, he can think of it. But without his kung fu, he could have done it. Chi Songzi got into the carriage with Shen Shi in his arms. Then he turned around and told his husband,interactive panels for education, "Don't stop all the way to the east. The rest of the carriages will follow behind, and then slowly disperse." More than a dozen drivers answered in unison and drove their carriages all the way to the east. He slowly put down Shen Shiqi, whom he was holding in his arms. I hurried over and saw Shen Shiqi wrapped in a piece of black cloth, showing only a pale face. His eyes were closed and he remained motionless. He asked in a startled voice, "What's wrong with him?"? Why aren't you moving? Didn't you say he was all right? "No big deal." "He's locked up in the dungeon," said Chi Songzi. "His hands and feet are all in heavy chains. His body is festering, and his clothes are even worse. I don't think he has the energy to wait for me to bring you here, so let him sleep and rest. "He's just a trauma," he said lightly. "Young people can raise him, but you've lost everything inside." I was relieved to know that I had no worries about my life. Hearing Chi Songzi mention my body again, I couldn't help smiling bitterly and sighing lightly: "Life and death are destiny, and it's hard to force it." In the heart actually thought, passes through but comes, originally has reversed the world most basic rule, perhaps dies early is passes through the sequela. There is cause and effect, 75 smart board ,digital touch screen board, although crossing is not voluntary, but the last fruit still has to be swallowed by me. At the end of the Qin Dynasty and the beginning of the Han Dynasty, it was time to see and suffer. Love, hate, joys and sorrows were a hundred times more wonderful than that life. the left eye has been red, it is a little scared. These two chapters are coded with one eye open and one eye closed. Uh. Huangshi Akamatsumoto alone,smartboards in classrooms, there is such a saying, the East Garden did not pull very far. Don't feel that you can't stand it. This book of Dongyuan is not very YY. Ha. Everyone in the book is not so simple to appear, ha. 16K Fiction Network Computer Access: Xianyang Bashu Chapter 215 Mountain Residence. hsdsmartboard.com