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Lotus Treasure Mirror Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Ābu Road   248 views

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Du Chen smiled and told Charlemagne to go in and continue to accept the provocation, while he turned to find Xueji, some things, it is time to talk openly with Xueji. Soon after, Phyl and Charlemagne left the cave, and Merlinta, who had stayed outside, went with Phyl angrily! And the hole, which had been very calm, was empty again, but. Tick-tock, tick-tock, a few drops of liquid fell from the top of the hole,Marble Projects, and quickly condensed into the shape of a human body! This position was the place where Du Chen had deliberately watched in order to distract Phyl's attention before he cracked the sacred vessel, but neither of them noticed that there was a man hiding here, and that he could turn into water like Margaret and Brockman! Black armor iron face, halberd negative, just before the war was thrown to safety by Andy, this should have returned to the school of fighting. Looking at the back of Phyl outside the cave, he touched his mask gently! "I remembered something else. I had exchanged secret methods with Marguerite in private and learned her first hiding escape technique in the world, Qingshan Qinshui!" Listening to the echo in the cave, Dude slowly closed his eyes,Grey Marble Slab, recalling what he had just overheard, and suddenly roared: "He's still alive, ha ha, he's still alive!"! Phyl, thank you for telling me that he's still alive in the cage of the God of War. Wait for me, although I have no feelings for you, but you are my brother after all, you rescued!


Chapter 494 of the main text whose big cake? At this moment, Dodd made a plan in his mind, but no one knew exactly what Dodd was going to do except himself. He recognized Phyl and learned about the internal situation of the Red Army. Dodd, prompted by Charlemagne, strolled to the Elegy of the Southeast Cape of Dou Shen Island. The deep sea is quiet, occasionally there are schools of fish from the side, the seascape is beautiful, but Du Chen has no intention to watch, all the way down to think about their own things. Xueji seemed to know that Du Chen was coming to look for her. She took the initiative to wait on the only way ahead. As soon as she saw Du Chen coming, Artificial Marble Slabs ,white marble slabs, she bowed her head and said, "Thank you, thank you for coming to save me today!" Du Chen smiled flatly, "a family, why thank you?" Both of them lowered their heads. Du Chen wanted to go up and take Xueji's hand, but Xueji gently turned sideways to avoid it. "Francis.."  Last time in the Auerbach Grand Canyon War, Duchen ran Longbottom and owed him a bet, but later Longbottom and Susanna went to the front line of the labyrinth of life. As the first important task of blocking the Demons, and the five families of the meteorite gods had the misunderstanding of the savior,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, so Du Chen saw them this time and did not mention the things of that year, ha ha a smile. Save face for the St. Barton family! Susanna winked. Greet behind the same exposed dress, coquettish fox clan female warrior. forustone.com