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Jian Xiu who was forced to change his job Professional

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“……” Ye Guanghan There are too many bad points in these short words Make him unable to complain Ye Guanghan twitched at the corners of his mouth trying to ignore the uncle in his words the demon woman These words At that time I knew that I might not be your own Ye Wushen said "I've been struggling for a long time" At this point he paused his face showed a bit of distress and struggle and finally bravely exposed his black history "Do you want to run away from home" “……” Ye Guanghan who suddenly heard his son explode his aniseed ……” Ye Jiangxue a handsome man drinking tea quietly beside him The son can't be spoiled/the ultrasonic generator driver tea can't be drunk My son/brother is going to heaven! "After all the shemale is not my own I'm afraid you'll abuse me" Ye Wushen said as euphemistically and implicitly as possible not daring to tell the truth In fact I'm afraid you have a big plot against me Ready to raise kill or something After all Ye Wushen's previous life came from the modern era of information bombing and what he knew was a little bit Ye Guanghan was about to laugh at him "young age but a lot of thoughts" Why didn't he find this son before his mind is so ghost hiding so deep! Should I say that I am the child of those two

A sophisticated and wily Qing Emperor of the Demon Clan a seemingly broad-minded but actually thoughtful Emperor This child is better than the blue! "Wand raised his head He looked at his father with a moving face in front of him then at his brother beside him and thought about it Put down the cup in his hand ultrasonic cutting machine Then with a wave of his long arm he hugged his younger brother and said calmly to his father "Father I love you" “……” Ye Guanghan Not impressed at all There is no fluctuation in the heart Theo be caught slowly was like a prisoner who had just been released from prison for decades

Isn't it Ye Wushen's ten years are not prison but better than prison Might as well go to jail! In his mind he would rather go to prison than practice Taoism! Yes that's right In the past ten years Ye Wushen has been doing other things He has practiced Taoism for ten y with a wave of their big hands this group of grandfathers whose hearts and livers were trembling because of the heavy mist of ultrasonic metal welding the leaves lovingly opened a small kitchen for him gave him some advice on his practice and talked with him about the scriptures These are the most sainted patriarchs in the realm of cultivation each of whom has extraordinary atret books they gave did not match the level of Ye Wushen himself

In many cases Fuxi could not figure out some strange methods practiced by the human race nor could they answer some of Ye Wushen's questions that they did not think were problems at all The appearance of this group of grandfathers their careful teaching just filled the part that Ye Wushen lacked The leaf fog sinks in the practice never to slacken the brn those years the disciples who entered the Jade Pool Fairy Mansion especially those who participated in the hand-copied thirteen volumes of the Taoist Sutra were far faster than their peers and ancestors fycgsonic.com