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I have special communication skills. Private individual

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"Probably no one thinks I'm good except you" Yang Mianmian said dryly feeling no confidence "I still have use value now and I can tell them the topic" Jing Chu laughed "You know it's not like this They want to be friends with you Don't worry Try it" He took her hand and shook it in the palm of his hand "I'm here" "What use are you" She was still uncomfortable and buried her face in his arms "I don't need you I can do it myself I just think think" It's not interesting Perhaps you will find that they like you on the surface but they spare no effort to speak ill of you behind your back She can hear too many secrets that others don't want to bottle blowing machine know Sometimes not knowing is much happier than knowing If one day you find out it's all fake why start However if she really felt that it was not interesting why did she come to talk to him about it when she was sleepy Jing Chu knew very well in his heart He stroked her back and said "It's silly to give up eating because of choking" Yang Mianmian is not convinced want to refute two did not find an excuse for a while simply pretend to sleep silent That's what she's going to do Jing Chu laughed in his heart but did not expose her I used to think she always thought she was smart but when we got together

I thought her cleverness was really cute He coaxed her for a while saw t Xin as the center Each of them took a paper and waited for her to solve her doubts By the way they arranged her afternoon tea Every day someone sent her milk bread PET blowing machine biscuits and snacks as a reward She refused to accept them She accepted them and they would come to ask questions

For Yang Mianmian it's just a simple task The only thing that bothers her is that she doesn't know how to explain the simple topic to them which makes her have to turn over the book to find examples for them And for other students this is a complete suhers about whose star was handsome Many friends it is inevitable and the original familiar people alienated up every time Lu Jiali asked her to borrow homework she said "borrowed away"

This made Lu Jiali feel a little uncomfortable She was originally Yang Mianmian's only "friend" When everyone was reluctant to talk to her she felt that she was willing to talk to her She borrowed her homework paper and opened her mouth as a good friend when liquid bottle filling machine others evaluated her "She was very poor She changed two clothes in summer" She was happy when I invited her to eat a meat bun "She is so beautiful how can she look up to us" And so on Her feelings for Yang Mianmian were very complicated She was jealous of her and proud of being her only friend But now she realized that she was going to lose this friend She suddenly panicked She took her arm and asked "How can you lend it to someone else first I am your friend!"! They didn't talk to you before remember I've been making friends with you "So" Yang Mianmian looked at her with an expressionless face "Should I be grateful to you" Lu Jiali grasped her arm "I mean we are friends" Yang Mianmian was silent for a few seconds and turned his head away "That's probably because we have different definitions of friends Anyway they didn't say that I'look down on people '' poor to death '' maybe I'm kept by rich people '" Lu Jiali's face turned red at once

Tong Xin could not hold back her laughter Deng Manling came over and said "Let's go to the supermarket to buy food Shall I bring it to you" Yang Mianmian took out a carton of milk a bag of biscuits and a bag of soft candy from her schoolbag "Do you want to eat" The policeman has recently turned into a father He not only bought her countless rations but also supervised her to drink milk every day He would calculate the quantity If she drank less for a day she would not kiss her In less than a month her face became mellow not to mention that she was no longer hungry Every day was basically in the middle of eating gzxilinear.com