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How to make bridge expansion joints? These on-site construction workers are already worried about losing their hair! _ Deck Private individual

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Originally published as How to make bridge expansion joints? These on-site construction workers are already worried about losing their hair! In order to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation, expansion joints are usually set between two beam ends, between beam ends and abutments, or at the hinge position of the bridge. The expansion joint is required to be able to expand and contract freely, firmly and reliably in two directions parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the bridge. The vehicle shall run smoothly without sudden jump and noise. It shall be able to prevent the infiltration and blockage of rainwater, garbage and soil. The installation, inspection, maintenance and elimination of dirt shall be simple and convenient. At the place where the expansion joint is set, the railing shall be disconnected from the deck pavement. Overview of expansion joints Brief introduction of bridge expansion joints The function of bridge expansion joints is to accommodate the displacement and coupling between the superstructure caused by vehicle loads and bridge construction materials. Once the expansion device of skew bridge is damaged, it will seriously affect the speed, comfort and safety of driving, and even cause traffic accidents. Expansion joint function: Ensure free expansion and contraction of beam body Make the vehicle run smoothly Good water tightness and drainage Convenient for removing dirt in the groove The expansion and contraction of the bridge is exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, and the use environment is relatively harsh, which is the most vulnerable and difficult to repair part of the bridge structure. The destruction of bridge expansion joints may cause great vehicle impact load and worsen the driving condition, which will lead to vehicle jump, noise, water leakage, affect the safety of driving and sharply reduce the service life of the bridge. Hazards of loss of function or damage to expansion joints: The expansion and contraction is blocked, or the top of the pier and abutment is damaged, or the internal force of the beam body is increased The vehicle jumps and runs unstably The impact increases, causing damage to the bridge, especially at the end Water seepage endangers durability Expansion joint model The bridge expansion joint models are: GQF-C, GQF-Z, GQF-E, Gqf-F, and Gqf-MZL, all of which are bridge expansion joint products designed with hot-rolled integrally formed special-shaped steel. GQF-C, GQF-Z, GQF-L and GQF-F bridge expansion devices are suitable for bridges with expansion amount less than 80mm. GQF-MZL bridge expansion joint device is a modular bridge expansion joint device composed of edge beam, middle beam, cross beam and linkage mechanism, which is suitable for large and medium span bridges with expansion amount of 80mm-1200mm. The code representation method is consistent with the standard representation method of the transportation industry of the People's Republic of China. , taking GQF-C60, GQF-F80, GQF-MZL480, gqf-c60 (NR), gqf-f80 (CR) as examples. GQF is the code of expansion joint device specified in the traffic industry standard. Type code: -MZL means modular type, straight beam connecting rod chain type: (C, Z, F, L) indicates the shape of the profiled bar. The number indicates the displacement of the expansion device: 0-1200mm NR and CR indicate the type of rubber: if it involves copyright issues,printed tape measure, please contact us, we will be the first time to negotiate copyright issues or delete the content! This article is the original author's personal opinion, which does not mean that this public number agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com

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