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Heluo Jingjiao Version: Tiancan Potato Professional

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"Uncle Duan don't be impulsive!" But when Duan Wei was about to turn around he was suddenly caught by Mu Chen Then the latter pointed and said "They seem to have given up" Duan Wei is stupefied the vision looks as expected is to see those devouring spirit bees suddenly stopped pursuing they are buzzing and circling suddenly toward the northwest direction of the rapid sweep away Mu Chen looked at this scene with a little surprise and immediately he frowned faintly as if he had heard the faint whistle coming from the distance This extremely faint and strange whistling sound does not seem to be made by these spirit-eating bees Could it be that someone could not control these devouring bees Mu Chen suddenly swept out of his mind an idea that shocked him a little and the sound of the whistle did not seem to come ultrasonic dispersion machine naturally Young Lord these things have finally retreated Let's hurry to meet them with the domain Lord When Duan Wei saw that he had finally got rid of these devouring bees he breathed a sigh of relief and said When Mu Chen heard this his eyes flashed slightly and he immediately whispered "Uncle Duan let's go and have a look at these devouring bees" When Duan Wei heard this he was stupefied "Young Lord" he said hurriedly "it's too dangerous!"

Muchen frowned tightly then he looked at the black tree his eyes moved up little by little and finally when his eyes swept to the top of the tree his pupils shrank slightly ultrasonic sonochemistry machine There he saw a shadowy gray shadow Is there really someone here Chapter 52 spirit insect flute Mu Chen's eyes tightly looking at the top of the black tree where he faintly saw a little gray shadow but looked for a while but felt something was wrong the gray shadow did not reveal the slightest bit of popularity What is it Muchen frowned Uncle Duan please do me a favor Mu Chen's eyes flickered for a moment then he whispered What orders does the young Lord have Duan Wei immediately answered Mu Chen approached the past and said something in Duan Wei's ear When the latter heard this his face suddenly changed dramatically and his face turned a little white Young Lord it's too dangerous Duan Wei painstakingly said he did not know why the herdsman dust to do such a dangerous thing here can be regarded as the nest of devouring bees if surrounded by them I am afraid it is really no way out Uncle Duan I know how to behave Trust me Mu Chen whispered the young man's face was particularly serious and there was no sense of foolishness in his black eyes but a calm flicker When Duan Wei saw Mu Chen's insistence he could only give a wry smile then waved to several people beside him and quickly went away

When the herdsman saw them far away he also lowered his body slightly and hid his body in the bushes staring at the black giant tree About ten minutes after Duan Wei left there was some movement in the distance only to see a dozen spirit beasts driven out of the forest and then fled to this side Hum The calm here was broken by the dozen or so spirit beasts only to see the countless scarlet lights lit up the air vibrated the buzzing sound ultrasonic dispersing machine suddenly resounded and the countless devouring bees boiled up and turned into black clouds sweeping away at the spirit beasts Roar! Only then did the fleeing spirit beasts discover the crisis ahead and immediately roared crazily turning around and running wildly while the black clouds were chasing quickly With the departure of all the devouring bees the black giant tree has become bare although there are still some remnants but there is no advantage in quantity these devouring bees do not worry Muchen's figure also rushed out at this moment and then went straight to the black giant tree a little tiptoe like a vigorous monkey straight to the top of the tree Halfway through some devouring bees came to interfere but he got rid of them

The speed of the dust is very fast just a dozen breaths is to jump to the top of the tree the top of the tree a little small and spacious but it is particularly hidden branceen any change As he approached the skeleton he found that half of the body of the skeleton was blackened and under that blackening the bones showed some signs of atrophy fycgsonic.com