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Harem: Legend of Zhen Huan Professional

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"At least go and persuade them It's the good fortune of the slaves" I saw that he looked worried not as usual Secretly think Li Chang served Xuan Ling for many years used to see all kinds of big and small scenes in the palace also quite The wind of calmness which made him so frightened must have been a great event "I don't know what's going on" he said kindly "but I'm sure I'll go and persuade the emperor Grandfather Li can rest assured I lowered my voice and asked "I just don't know what happened to the emperor" Longyan was furious Li Changzhuangruo looked down at the steps and said in a very low voice "It seems to be a memorial uns s31803 sheet for the King of Runan" My heart suddenly tightened and my footsteps were sligbe rewarded again he could only let his youngest son succeed him as king or marry his daughter early to be a princess However it is also inappropriate to think about it carefully If you refuse to seal it you can return the memorial and give it gold jade brocade and silk Besides Xuan Ling has never been a hot-tempered person

His voice was tired after anger "What are you doing here" He asked "Yes" I whispered My concubine is here At that time it was already late and the light of the mottled sunset leaked in from the hollow of the auspicious carving pattern of "Six Contracts Spring" and the room was full of red light and shadow When the wind blows through the woods at the back of the temple uns s32760 plate the leaves will There will be a light rustle like a light rain between the eaves I took two fresh mint leaves and white chrysanthemums from the silver dish and put them into a sapphire teacup I soaked them in boiling water and then mixed them with cold water melted with honey I put them in front of him and said gently "Your Majesty!" Drink some tea It will calm your nerves Without mentioning anything else he dipped some peppermint oil from a small square box of gold on his fingers and slowly rubbed his temples for him He took a slow sip of tea and relaxed a little before asking "Why don't you ask me why I'm angry" I smiled calmly and said "The emperor was angry just now and he will say it natura

And give the title in order to show Shude The birth mother of the king of Runan was the wife of the late emperor Cong Yipin Although she died early she was awarded the posthumous title It is also reasonable There's just a reason for that During the reign of the late emperor the elder brother of Lady Yu'e the Marquis of Boling rebelled Lady Yu'e was deeply implicated and died of depression without favor It was not until he was dying 347 stainless steel that the late emperor went to visit him but Lady Yu'e complained Deeply hate the late emperor and Shu Guifei In anger the late emperor did not allow Lady Yu'e to be buried with the imperialunan said to give the jade lady as jade expensive toffee then where to put the face of the late emperor How will the emperor deal with himself Xuan Ling hit the corner of the table with a heavy slap and said "Vertical son (1)!"!

Clearly is to put me in an unfilial place and even the father's face is also ignored! Seeing that he was so angry I quickly turned over his hand The table was made of extremely hard mahogany The corner of the table was carved with complicated patterns Xuan Ling's Xuanxun the king of Qishan is the eldest son of the late emperor and is now in the harem" lksteelpipe.com