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Fox King Qinglian Private individual

1 year ago Beauty & Well being Canacona   95 views

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I have to carry it! Beiyao baby hurriedly pointed to the big black eagle that was still in a coma, although she could carry it, but if she carried it into the inn, she didn't have to think about how much panic it would cause. I really sympathize with Ru Mo! After Qinglian suddenly said such a sentence that made Beiyao baby stupefied,stainless steel shower tray, she stretched out her right hand and covered the head of the black eagle. While thinking about his words, Beiyao baby happily watched the black eagle become smaller and smaller under the cover of Qinglian's palm, and finally shrank to the size of an ordinary parrot. Beiyao Baby immediately picked it up with both hands, "Qinglian, thank you!" "Don't get into trouble again!" Green lotus fixed looking at her sincere smile, not by the heart also slightly suffused with a few ripples, but the mouth is still the calm way of the past. North Yao baby did not see his mood ripples, clever nod,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, "I promise I will not take the initiative to get into trouble again!" The implication is quite a bit'trouble if you come to the door, can not blame her meaning ', Qinglian can not hear the truth, also do not argue with her. OK Is a north Yao baby unexpected answer, she thought he would not agree, but did not expect that he did not even rebound, agreed, not surprised, let go. And Qinglian turned around, lifted the thick curtain, stainless steel squatting pan ,push button toilet flush valve, stepped out of the carriage, Beiyao baby knew that the appearance of Qinglian out of the carriage was no longer his original appearance. For a goblin who has been alone for thousands of years, this kind of love is enough for him to be moved and excited, he thought, maybe in less than three years, if he receives her affectionate eyes every day, he will soon surrender! Both of them were absorbed in their thoughts,stainless steel toilet, not knowing how many people stopped to watch and how many people exclaimed at their appearance. After they got off the ground, the carriage went straight ahead and soon disappeared on the street, as if there were other people in the carriage who wanted to go to the next place and left them here. cnkexin.com