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Devouring Spirit Zombie Alien World Tour Private individual

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"I'm sorry, Count Leeks, but I can't decide that, because she belongs to this young man." "Oh?" The fat pig looked at the star mark with his eyes and laughed, "Ha ha ha ha, I said, I said Lao Ma!"! Are you kidding me, his? Ha ha ha ha. "Manager Ma, can you explain it to me?" The star mark said to the manager. Master Long, I'm sorry. Look.. "The manager said hurriedly." Uh? Your last name is Long? The fat pig suddenly stopped laughing and asked. Yes, Count Leeks, and this is the young master of the Dragon family. The manager said hurriedly when he saw that the star mark had no intention of answering. Young Master of the Dragon Family, you are in the wrong place! This is not a place for children to play house. "Although the fat pig has scruples about the dragon family, it is obvious that he does not care about the little devil in front of him." What's the matter? Are you rich? The star mark is really very repugnant to this person, sees this fellow fat flowing oil,touch screen interactive whiteboard, therefore decides to give this fellow to have liposuction, loses weight. What, you lost all your money? Do you want to borrow some money? No problem. I'll lend you how much! "Oh, that's not necessary. I just want to bet with you when I see you. I'm afraid you don't have enough money, so I ask." The star mark deliberately provoked him with words. Fat pig is really deceived, "afraid of my money is not enough,digital interactive whiteboard, ha, conscious, conscious, good!"! I, Lex, will play with you today, and don't say I bully children. How about I give you double the chips you win? Good! Since the count is so ready, you can choose what to bet. But I have a condition is that we each take out the corresponding gambling capital until the auction starts at ten o'clock, when even if we lose only one gold coin, we will lose all the money. How's it going Ha ha ha ha! Interesting. I think you are more and more interesting. Well, I'll do as you say. "Another point is that according to what you said just now, smart board for conference room ,86 smart board, my chips are doubled. I wonder if you will double how much I take to bet with me?" Of course, but you don't want the millions to come out! It costs at least ten million yuan to gamble here. "You can rest assured of that. Can Manager Ma bring me my chips?" "Of course," the manager said and hurriedly went to get the chips for the star mark. To be honest, the happiest person here is not the star mark, but him. Just now the star mark has won 64.8 million downstairs. If he wins some from himself, he really wants to die. So he almost fainted when he saw that the star mark wanted to bet with Count Lex. Seeing that the manager brought the chips to the star mark, he said. So shall we get started? The star mark has already blossomed in my heart. Over six thousand, boy, where did you get so much money? The fat pig looked at the chip of the star mark and said. Why don't you dare to bet? Or don't you have enough money? In that case, I might be able to lend you some. Joke, will I have no money? My name, Lord Lex, is worth more than that! Lao Ma, I don't have enough money today. You lend me 30 million chips first, and I'll pay you back when I win! Said the fat pig to the housekeeper. The little devil shouted loudly, "Don't forget to recommend and collect." [Chapter 22 Winning Money Again (Part 2)] Win Money Again (Part 2) "Oh, if you lose, you don't have to pay it back!" The star mark sneered beside him. The first novel is www.01xs.com The manager, who was already a little hesitant, hesitated even more when he heard the words of the star mark. The fat pig saw the manager hesitated and said hurriedly, "Old horse, I know you are very embarrassed, so I will give you all my family property, right?" "Hey!"! All right, then. The manager pretended to be, but in fact, even if he didn't say so, the manager would lend him the money. After all, there were so many people present that he couldn't deny it, and he was worried that he couldn't get rid of the God of pestilence. It would be best if someone came to help. Soon the manager brought over 60 million chips and a magic contract. The fat pig dropped a drop of blood on the contract. The contract immediately sent out a strong light. The name of Count Lix appeared on the contract, representing the establishment of the contract. All right, shall we get started? The fat pig took the chips and said. Don't you say my chips are double? You should 120000000. There are only more than 60 million left here. Said the star mark with a smile. Don't talk nonsense. It was a joke just now. Don't you understand? If you want to bet, that's all. If you don't bet, forget it! The fat pig was asked by the star mark and said with a blush. All right, what's the bet? "" The star mark knew that the fat pig had only these assets,interactive touch screens education, so he agreed. How about we bet on the Warcraft card? The fat pig saw that the star mark agreed and said hurriedly. No problem, but can you tell me how to play this first? "No!"! You don't even know how to play Warcraft. So what do you know? Let's play something. "No, let's just play this. You just have to tell me the basic rules." Said the star mark with a smile. hsdsmartboard.com