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Desperate Private individual

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Su Xiaomu's eyes are very bright and black, where there is half a point of alcohol, looking at him provocatively, "I did it on purpose, how about it?"? Jing Yan,Carbon in Pulp, this feeling of waiting for someone is not good, right? Do you feel bad when you see someone send me back in the middle of the night? Every time you go to see Qin Zhen, I wait for you so foolishly, and today it's your turn. In fact, when Ziqi talked to him, she had already woken up, she was intentional, she was very bad,tin beneficiation plant, but also wanted to use Ziqi to stimulate him, just let him promise to break up as soon as possible. She secretly said again in her heart, Ziqi, I'm sorry. Jing Yan seemed to see through her thoughts, but said shallowly: "As long as you come back." This kind of him let Su Xiaomu feel very powerless, she took advantage of his inattention to slide down his arms, rubbed the swelling pain between the eyebrows and said: "Jing Yan, if we go on like this, we will only look at each other, it is better to have a good reunion." "Well.." Before she had finished speaking, Jing Yan pressed her on the edge of the elevator and kissed her deeply, which was crazier than any one before, knocking her teeth open and devouring her vulnerable nerves. In the mirror, the dim light reflected Jing Yan's seemingly quiet but frenzied face, and his deep eyes seemed to have some intense emotion to break out of the cocoon. She tried her best but could not shake him. Her hands were held high above his head and his other hand was held tightly around her waist. Her mind went blank for a moment until she could no longer breathe. He finally let her go. With a bang, a merciless slap was thrown hard on his cold face, coltan ore processing ,gold shaking table, which soon showed a red mark. Su Xiaomu stroked his red and swollen lips and gasped, "Jing Yan, you are a bastard!" Jing Yan did not seem to feel pain, but regardless of holding her, with her forehead against her, said in a cold tone: "Xiao Mu, in any case, I will not divorce." I won't give you to anyone else.  On the ground, the cell phone on the table vibrated. He thought it was Su Xiaomu calling to say that they had arrived. Suddenly, a warm smile appeared in the corner of his eyes. But when he saw the caller ID number, his eyebrows sank a little, but he still picked it up: "Huh?" "Brother Jingyan, it's me." It was Qin Zhen's voice as clear as a bell. Jing Yan turned sideways and asked lightly, "Well, what's the matter?" Qin Zhen bit his lip and said in a low voice, "I'm leaving tomorrow. I want to meet you for dinner tonight, OK?" I have an appointment tonight, and when you return to the United States, it will be the same if you have a chance to meet again. Jing Yan implicitly refused her invitation. But I'm leaving tomorrow! And we've already booked a table at the restaurant we used to go to. Qin Zhen said in a hurry. Maybe next time. Still? I have something to do,Portable gold trommel, so I'll hang up first. Originally Qin Zhen wanted to say something again, but Jing Yan had already hung up the phone in a hurry. She was sitting in a taxi not far from Jing's building, and it wasn't long before she saw Jing Yan and Su Xiaomu get into his sports car with their son and walk away. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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