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Air compressor cooler Private individual

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The air compressor is used because the compressed air is stored in the tank by the compressor during the working process. Due to the high pressure, more heat energy is generated. If the temperature cannot be cooled in time, it may cause overheating and cause risks. The air compressor cooler is a machine used for cooling to cool down, The function of the engine cooling system is to dissipate part of the heat absorbed by the heated parts in time to ensure that the engine works at the most suitable temperature. The cooling system of the engine cooler can be divided into two categories, one is the water cooling system and the other is the air cooling system. Most car engines are cooled by a water cooling system. Most of the water-cooling systems used in automobile engines use water pumps to force the coolant to circulate in the cooling system, which is generally called a forced-circulation water-cooling system. The cylinder head and cylinder block of the water-cooled engine are cast with a cooling water jacket. The water pump sucks the coolant from the radiator and pressurizes it to the cylinder block water jacket. The coolant absorbs the heat of the cylinder block and the temperature rises, and then flows to the cylinder. Cover the water jacket. After cooling the cylinder head, it flows from the thermostat on the top of the cylinder head to the radiator. Due to the strong suction of the electric fan, the air passes through the radiator at high speed from front to back, so the heated coolant flows through the radiator. The heat is continuously dissipated into the atmosphere to cool the coolant. After the cooled coolant flows to the lower chamber of the radiator, it flows back to the engine under the action of the water pump. This continuous circulation keeps the components working under high temperature conditions constantly cooled.

The generator cooler is the main heat exchange component of the motor and an important product to maintain the operation of the motor, which directly affects the temperature rise, output and life of the motor. All steam turbine generators, hydraulic generators, and AC and DC motors must use motor coolers, which are widely used and play an important role in the national economy and people's livelihood. The air discharge volume of the cooler of a discharge machine is 20M^3/MIN and the cross-sectional area is 0.085M^3, so what is the wind speed? The air volume passing through per second is equal to 20/60=0.33 cubic meters. The cross-sectional area that passes through is equal to 0.085 square meters. So the average wind speed in one second is equal to the ventilation volume divided by the cross-sectional area equal to 0.33/0.085=4 m/s.The steam generator cooling is an important part of the steam power plant. Power station boilers, steam turbines and generators are the main engines of thermal power stations, so power station boilers are important equipment for producing electrical energy. Industrial boilers are essential equipment for providing steam required for production and heating in various industrial enterprises. There are many industrial boilers, which consume a lot of fuel. 

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