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A scientific and technological power in the mountain nest Private individual

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Gentlemen, China is now in a two-pronged war. He has used millions of troops to fight the Soviet Union in the north. Although he has won the victory and land before the war, he still seems not satisfied. Now the war in the north has subsided, but this is only the quiet before the larger war. After next spring, the two northern countries in China will break out more fiercely than ever before. You might as well think more, China has invested so many troops and resources in the Far East, so how many troops and resources does he have to attack Southeast Asia? "In my judgment, China can at least have more than a million troops to participate in the southward war, and even if this figure is half the compromise, there are 500,plastic pallet supplier,000 troops, what is the purpose of China?"? What makes him dare to fight on two fronts? If the Shina people take Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand, then the Shina people's sea passage to the Indian Ocean can bypass the Strait of Malacca, and at the same time protect the industrial zone he established in Guangxi. Faced with the offensive of the Chinese,euro plastic pallet, the soldiers might as well give up some places, which can not only relieve the pressure of the shortage of army troops, but also relieve the logistical pressure of the navy, and also find out what the Chinese think, "What about Burma?" An army officer asked him a cold question about his concern. Burma? Of course, there are two small advantages in giving them this land, the first being that it will draw down our valuable forces, and the second being that it will push them in the face of the British and the French, who are already openly trying to teach China. The British are also sharpening their knives. Why should we bear the war between Britain and France and the Chinese against our country? Why can't we let them go to war with each other? This piece of land was originally a colony of the British and the French, Nakamura's words filled the room with a buzzing conversation again, and everyone was moved by Nakamura's idea, drum spill containment ,plastic wheelie bins, although they were reluctant to give up the land of these countries, but it was also a very good way to ease the deteriorating situation, although the Chinese army was really strong.  But when the mountain felt that life was good, it suddenly found that it was wrong again, but it could not be wrong again. He followed the squadron to a village, after driving the villagers out of the village, the sergeant had to choose a few villagers to tie to the tree beside the village,plastic pallet manufacturer, although the mountain did not understand the order, but it still carried out the order truthfully. But then a scene happened that made it completely collapse, the sergeant and the squadron leader ordered all the recruits to bayonet the villagers. cnplasticpallet.com