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[Network Security Think Tank] Fuzzy Extractor and Its Application _ Password Private individual

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The post-application robustness guarantees that the adversary can only output the recovery algorithm of the fuzzy extractor when he sees P and R and submits a tampered. Boyen et al. [4] proposed a general method to transform fuzzy extractors into "pre-application" robust fuzzy extractors by using Hash functions. However, in the security proof,wiped film distillation, the Hash function is regarded as a random oracle, so the security is based on the Random Oracle model. , wρ is the result of multiple reads of a random source W, then they are statistically correlated. Invoking (P, R) Gen (w), (Pi, Ri) Gen (wi) can get multiple sets of outputs (P, R) { Pi, Ri } _ (I ∈ { 1,wiped film evaporator, 2, … ,ρ}) Let [ρ]: = { 1, 2, … , ρ }, the reusable requirement of the fuzzy extractor is that given { P _ I, R _ I } I ∈ [ρ] and P, R is still pseudorandom. In [3], Boyen proposed two construction schemes for reusable fuzzy extractors and defined "outsider security" and "insider security". Outward security is defined as follows: The adversary dynamically chooses δi and gets Pi, where (Pi, Ri) Gen (w + δi). The final (P, R) { Pi, Ri } I ∈ { 1, 2, … , ρ } should be pseudorandom to the adversary. Our work was published in AsiaCrypt2018 (see [15] for the eprint version), and the comparison with previous related work is listed in Figure 7 and Table 1. Our specific plan The reusable robust fuzzy extractor rrFE = (rrFE. Init, rrFE. Gen, rrFE. Rep) is constructed as shown in Figure 8 and Figure 9, and the requirements of the components are as follows: Symmetric key encapsulation mechanism (Symmetric Key Encapsulation Mechanism, cbd centrifugal extractor ,molecular distillation systems, abbreviated as SKEM) SKEM = (SKem. Init, SKem. Enc, SKem. Dec), whose key space is δκ, The encapsulated key space is κ. Secure Sketch with Homogeneity (SS) SS = (SS. Gen, SS. Rec), the measurement space is, and. Extractor (Ext for short) with homogeneity. A lossy algebraic filter with homogeneity (Lossy Algebraic Filter, LAF for short) LAF = (FGen, FEval, FTag), whose domain is and label space is. Application prospect With the reusable robust fuzzy extractor rrFE = (rrFE. Init, rrFE. Gen, rrFE. Rep), the user can use his own biometric information W as a noisy random source, such as a fingerprint, which the user can obtain via a fingerprint reading device (w1.. ,wj,… , wn), then call the generation algorithm to generate (P1, R1), … ,(Pj,Rj,)… , (Pn, Rn), Rj is used as a private key in different scenarios, such as access control devices, banking systems and smart homes. Liu Shengli, part-time expert of Tongmoshi Laboratory, professor and doctoral supervisor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, mainly studies the theory and practice of public key cryptography. Wen Yunhua, Ph. D. candidate, Grade 2013, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,thin film distillation, focuses on the reusability and robustness of noisy extractors. (This article is selected from the second issue of Information Security and Communication Security in 2019) Original statement > > > The original articles published on this WeChat public account are welcome to be forwarded by individuals. Without authorization, other media, Wechat public numbers and websites are not allowed to reproduce. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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